Thursday, April 15, 2010

The McKellars Visit Myrtle Beach

Spring Break 2010 was a GREAT time for the McKellar family. We took our first real family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. We drove for 8 hours and stayed in a hotel in Charleston, WV. Then the next day we drove another 8 hours to MB! We met Bryan's parents and sister there and camped together at Myrtle Beach State Park. The weather was gorgeous, and we had an amazing time there. We went to Alligator Adventure, spent a few days at the beach, went shopping, and went to an awesome mini golf place. We all got a long so well and I just felt like it was a totally positive, fun, family bonding experience. The kids actually did really well in the car. Special thanks to the DS's and the portable DVD player and MP3 players!!!
Besides that, nothing too major is going on in our lives. The kids are growing like crazy and we are just enjoying them. Rylee is preparing for her First Communion in a few weeks. She is going to look like a bride! I am so excited for her and this special day in her life. Auntie Ann is making her dress of course. And Mrs. Burch is making her veil! The same people made these things for me on my First Communion!
Travis is looking cute with his 2 front teeth missing, but the new ones are already popping through. He didn't want to play t-ball this year, but now that it has started I think he is regretting that choice. He is anxious for our pool to be opened. He loves to swim! Grandma Jean bought him a new bigger bike, and he thinks he is pretty cool riding that around. He is doing very well in school, and I am pretty sure he is his teacher's favorite!
My baby, Tyson, is for sure no longer a baby anymore. He is growing so fast. This summer it is Grandma Kathy's mission to get him riding a 2-wheeler bike. He has now pretty much outgrown naps. If he takes a nap in the afternoon, he will be up until 10 pm. If he misses his nap, he is not really crabby or grouchy. I cannot believe I am to the point where none of my kids need naps anymore. I am really enjoying them at these ages. And luckily, my brother and sister keep reproducing, so I still get to cuddle babies! :) Baby Marissa is due in May and Baby Hessler in October!
As for me, I am really starting to buckle down on dealing with my weight. In 2007, I lost over 40 pounds. I was so happy with myself and I really looked great. Now I have gained 20 of those pounds back. I am so sick of dealing with my weight, but I have realized that this is going to be a lifelong battle for me. I have really been trying to look deep inside myself and try and figure out why I struggle so much with this! It must be the Biggest Loser's influence on me. All those contestants really have to find themselves and figure out how and why they let themselves get to that point. Somewhere inside of me, I know I have the strength to overcome this. I have been struggling so much with finding that motivation. All my life I have been such a pushover, and I think I do not even have control over my own self. Does that make sense? I don't understand why it feels so good to be skinny and in shape, yet I cannot find the motivation to get there. If it feels good to workout, be skinny, and look and feel good.... then why is this so hard?? When I eat junk and do not work out, I feel terrible. Man, I need Jillian to come and figure me out!! Summer is coming up, and all my clothes are too tight. So on Monday I started a journal and I am recording my weight every Monday and each day I record what kind of workout I do. I am hoping this visual aid and sort of accountibility will help me achieve my goals. I was thinking about doing a before and after pic, but we'll see. ;)

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